More Track Time

Less Registration Line Time!


Customize your track's personal registration website.

Every track has their own way of handling race registration. Do you offer a second bike discount for riders racing both class and cruiser? Do you allow striders to race for free? Do you offer specific discounts to key volunteers? Your personal race registration website at presign.me allows you to define all these options and more to automatically apply registration discounts at checkout.


Build By BMX Riders

For BMX Riders

The presign.me website was built by a racing family. We know the time and effort it takes for volunteers to keep the track running. Handling race registrations can be easier and, with presign.me, it is.

Your presign.me rider/parent login works for every track using presign.me! Setup your account and racer profile(s) once. No need to enter your serial and plates numbers each time you want to register. If your track is not using presign.me, get in touch with us.