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Automatic Registration Windows

Setup your race information including the race date, registration fee and registration start and end times. The website does the rest. Races are not visible for riders to register until the window is open. Once closed, the race automatically disappears again. You can even hide races and events from general availability using an email friendly invite-only registration link.

Integrated E-Payments via Square

Riders pay for their registrations online and in real-time. Payments automatically post to your track square account safely and securely. Track staff can submit refunds via offering refunds for a single rider or every rider for a specific race -- great for when mother nature doesn’t play along with us. Every track has their own way of handling race registration fees. Do you offer a second bike discount for riders racing both class and cruiser? Do you allow striders to race for free? Do you offer specific discounts to key volunteers or racers earning district #1? The website allows you to define all these options and more to automatically apply registration discounts at checkout.

Data Validation & Import for Race Manager

Race registration window closed? Check. Payments received? Check. Import all rider race registration data into Race Manager via the CSV import function. No more rushing to rekey all the registration info into race manager. The site also prevents duplicate registrations by riders (or their parents!) so you can be confident in the import.

More than just races

Add clinics, gate practices and other events just like your races to enable online payment and registration. Does your clinic or event have a rider limit? No problem, simply enter the total allowed riders and your registration website will automatically stop registration when the event is full.

Volunteers Ride Too!

Your website login works at any track using the website, including yours. Your login can have track staff privileges at one site and regular parent/rider privileges at another. Get all the benefits your riders do to sign yourself & your family up.

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